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Monday, February 27, 2017

Customer engagement in corporate world for HR professionals

In Corporate world the senior business leaders are our customers. They are interested to know how and why you doing, rather that what you  are doing. I have worked with senior managers whose demand were challenging and that given me an opportunity to give me and my team the best and fruitful results. This has created a brand in their community. 
Sometimes we need to involve the senior leaders to make an events successful as they are the one who can push their team to participate and involve. Team members need to be delegated with authority with minimum supervision( refer Situational leadership). We support business with proactive approach even if they dont approach us for any business support. 
Its good to spend time with them to gain insight about their business plan and how future prospectus of business with impact HR. create a brand and then nurish it, this is how they will describe us. Get an idea what business leaders wants from us and be that master tool for them.  
I have heard for term - HAIL ( Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love). This is what lead to success.
Best of Luck !!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Employee - Employer Branding

All the organisations - big or small are always strive for attracting and keeping the best talent. Employer branding can play a key role in increasing job applications and widening the talent pool.
We strategically apply all the 4Ps of marketing , We must include 5th important p- People. Firms now actively working on Employee Branding activities. If firms want to win the war for talent, they have to make this fundamental move.
Firms shows their core of your culture, Promote organizational vision, values and mission by selling them in career page of your website and in interviews.  This will show how they are different from the employer next door. Employees achievements, their outdoor activities and their contribution while being employee of the firm.
While we hire, we interact with many candidates. These  candidate may form their opinion of an employer before, during and after the interview process. As we say retention starts from recruitment, hence we can use the recruitment process as branding. We all are live banners and promotion tool for our employer.
Also the employees can be a brand ambassador of their own firm. we can reach out to specific Department / Business Unit to collect the succeess stories and circulate interesting post / blog on  website or different channels. If employee get involved and contribute to branding the firms will gain lot.
Looking forward for your opinions....

Monday, February 20, 2017

Experience Vs Exposure

We must have heard these terms while Interviewing candidates and took decisions accordingly.
Senior professionals tagged to both the terminology and juniors  says they have better exposure to latest trends. Exposure means that you have seen it. Experience generally implies more knowledge of something than just having seen it.Experience is better, we learn a lot from experience. Exposure allows us to get experiences, and experiences deepen our knowledge and understanding of the processes involved. 
We can say that experience is the accumulation of knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in events or activities. Time spent in accumulating knowledge or skill is necessary but not a sufficient criteria for judging expertise. This is because learning curve differs for each individual & depends on participant’s inclination and motivation to acquire the skill. The correct term to describe this learning process should be “exposure”.
An experienced professional is  expected to have a high efficiency. Having a high efficiency though is not an indicator of a better performance. It might be time to rethink the basic approach & create a new process.

However, when the experience is due to exposure results are more effective. We chose to do the right thing & do it well. This makes us more open, relaxed & looking at problems from a higher logical point to resolve.
 I learned - I might not know all the routes or all the details, but my exposure gives me the courage to take the road less travelled.
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